Not on the Hill

Not on the Hill

Mission Statement

To bring neighbors together across the city to reduce trash and litter and beautify their community, one block at a time, to help clean up the City of Holly Hill.


As individual citizens, you have what it takes to make a real difference in Holly Hill. In return for your commitment to going out once a week to pick up trash and litter on your block, the City will provide you with the tools you need to do the job efficiently to be part of Holly Hill’s community helping to clean up our city!

Current Litter Fighting Efforts

Periodically, some organizations help to combat litter in our city on a one day, Community-based activity. These activities are important, but they do little to hold back the tide of trash and litter as it accumulates between annual cleaning days. “Not on the Hill” will provide opportunities for citizens to clean their blocks using a network of neighbors across Holly Hill.


  • Sign up for “Not on the Hill” to help keep Holly Hill clean and litter free.
  • At least once a week, walk your designated block to pick up trash and litter and dispose of it properly. The City will supply you with a pick up stick, no more bending over! We will also give you a safety vest to wear for high visibility. When done picking up the trash, simply place your litter bag in your own trash bin for pickup with your normal waste service.
  • While walking, if you see something out of place, perhaps a yard with trash in it or old appliances in the driveway you may report it to code enforcement. A code officer will follow up with the homeowner.
  • If you live on a large block, you can take care of just a portion of the street. Get your neighbors involved to share the load. There can be multiple participants for each block.
  • Encourage your friends and neighbors to participate.


  • Don’t take on the role of a code officer, any code violations should be reported to the code officer for proper action. They may be reached at 386-248-9483

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