Crime Suppression Unit

The Crime Suppression Unit was developed to enhance police visibility, address problems, and improve the quality of life within the Community Redevelopment Area. The main function of the team is to use proactive problem-solving techniques and community-oriented policing strategies to create a safer environment for business owners, residents, and visitors.

CSU officers are often seen patrolling on bicycles to provide the level of accessibility and maneuverability required to accomplish their unique mission. One important aspect of CSU operations is the ability of officers to remain in close contact with the citizens they serve by establishing open lines of communication and fostering positive police/community interaction.

To accomplish this goal, officers use frequent personal contacts, surveys, and attend community meetings to offer crime prevention and problem solving solutions to combat specific issues of importance to residents and commercial interests.

The Crime Suppression Unit is the essence of community-oriented service, and the members take great pride in their efforts to make Holly Hill’s commercial corridor a safe place to live and work.


Communication: The Key to more Effective Cooperation

No one knows the redevelopment area better than those who live and work there. The Crime Suppression Unit conducts periodic surveys to obtain feedback on their operational effectiveness – and to pinpoint specific areas of concern. After collecting the data, officers analyze specific problem areas and tailor their response for maximum effectiveness.

Our goal is to provide a constructive avenue for residents and commercial interests to voice concerns – and provide suggestions for improving service delivery – directly to those charged with solving the problem. This open exchange is vital to formulating new and innovative strategies for more effective law enforcement efforts within the target area.

The Crime Suppression Unit is under the command of Lieutenant Chris Yates. He can be contacted at (386) 248-9485 or cyates@hollyhillfl.org

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