Fire Pension Board


The sole and exclusive administration of and responsibility for the proper operation of the system and for making effective the provisions of this article is hereby vested in a Board of Trustees. The Board is hereby designated as the plan administrator.  The board shall engage such actuarial, accounting, legal, and other services as shall be required to transact the business of the system. The compensation of all persons engaged by the board and all other expenses of the board necessary for the operation of the system shall be paid from the fund at such rates and in such amounts as the board shall agree. In the event the board chooses to use the city’s legal counsel, actuary or other professional, technical or other advisers, it shall do so only under terms and conditions acceptable to the board.
The duties and responsibilities of the board shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

(1) To construe the provisions of the system and determine all questions arising thereunder.
(2) To determine all questions relating to eligibility and membership.
(3) To determine and certify the amount of all retirement allowances or other benefits hereunder.
(4) To establish uniform rules and procedures to be followed for administrative purposes, benefit applications and all matters required to administer the system.
(5) To distribute to members, at regular intervals, information concerning the system.
(6) To receive and process all applications for benefits.
(7) To authorize all payments whatsoever from the fund, and to notify the disbursing agent, in writing, of approved benefit payments and other expenditures arising through operation of the system and fund.
(8) To have performed actuarial studies and valuations, at least as often as required by law, and make recommendations regarding any and all changes in the provisions of the system.
(9) To perform such other duties as are required to prudently administer the system.


The Board shall consist of five (5) trustees, two of whom, unless otherwise prohibited by law, shall be legal residents of the City, who shall be appointed by the Holly Hill City Commission, and two of whom shall be members of the system, who shall be elected by a majority of the firefighters who are members of the system.
The fifth trustee shall be chosen by a majority of the previous four trustees as provided for herein, and such person’s name shall be submitted to the Holly Hill City Commission. Upon receipt of the fifth person’s name, the Holly Hill City Commission shall, as a ministerial duty, appoint such person to the board as its fifth trustee. The fifth trustee shall have the same rights as each of the other four trustees appointed or elected as herein provided and shall serve a two-year term unless he sooner vacates the office. Each resident trustee shall serve as trustee for a period of two years, unless he sooner vacates the office or is sooner replaced by the Holly Hill City Commission at whose pleasure he shall serve. Each member trustee shall serve as trustee for a period of two years, unless he sooner leaves the employment of the city as a firefighter or otherwise vacates his office as trustee, whereupon a successor shall be chosen in the same manner as the departing trustee. Each trustee may succeed himself in office. DROP participants can be elected as but not vote for elected trustees. The board shall establish and administer the nominating and election procedures for each election. The board shall meet at least quarterly each year.
The Board shall be a legal entity with, in addition to other powers and responsibilities contained herein, the power to bring and defend lawsuits of every kind, nature, and description.
The trustees shall, by a majority vote, elect a chairman and a secretary. The secretary of the board shall keep a complete minute book of the actions, proceedings, or hearings of the board. The trustees shall not receive any compensation as such, but may receive expenses and per diem as provided by law.
Each trustee shall be entitled to one vote on the board. Three affirmative votes shall be necessary for any decision by the trustees at any meeting of the board. A trustee shall abstain from voting as the result of a conflict of interest and shall comply with the provisions of F.S. § 112.3143.

Name Title Term Expires
Tom Sejnowski (FD) Chairman/Board Member N/A
Dave Bridger (FD) Secretary/Board Member N/A
Michael V. Moon (FD -citizen appt. by Commission) Board Member December 2024
Sharon Hansard Miller (FD - citizen appt. by Commission) Board Member December 2024
Fire Chief Jim Bland (FD)  5th Board Member (appt. by Pension Board) December


Meeting Schedule

  • February 15, 2024
  • May 16, 2024
  • August 15, 2024
  • November 14, 2024

10:00  AM (all meetings)
City Hall / Commission Chambers
1065 Ridgewood Avenue
Holly Hill, FL 32117

Public Notices and Agendas of all City Commission and Advisory Board meetings are posted on the bulletin board at City Hall across from the City Clerk’s Office and on the city's website page under Agendas and Minutes.


HHFD Retirement System FY Rates Return September-30-2017