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Jeffrey Lobo

Pictured above is Jeffrey Lobo who holds his championship lure, the Typhoon, which has multipole tournament victories.  Mr. Lobo has moved his business to Holly Hill.

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The City understands that businesses providing good-paying jobs and promotional opportunities are vital for the continued well-being of the commercial district and local citizens.

Business development efforts are supported by department personnel who are willing to work with owners and provide accurate and timely assistance. We value existing businesses. We are known by the companies we keep.

Knowledge and skills training is accessible both on the job in an apprenticeship setting and through local educational institutions. Providing a stable and knowledgeable workforce is essential for business to grow. 

The City of Holly Hill enhances our community through the creation and preservation of healthy businesses, good jobs and a sound quality of life. We are committed to accomplish this mission by working with our existing businesses, to help them expand and grow, by serving as a "one stop shop" to provide your business with the tools necessary to operate in Holly Hill.

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