Garage Sale Information

  • Nothing shall be displayed outside the house, garage, carport, or driveway, except that which might normally be located on the lawn or yard ( such as lawn furniture and swing sets.
  • Only two signs, each not exceeding 18 inches by 24 inches shall be permitted , and they shall not be placed on the public right--of---way. Signs must be square or rectangular, with straight edge and neat lettering.
  • Parking shall be controlled by the permittee so as not to be a hazard or create any congestion on adjacent streets. There shall be no parking on the public sidewalk. 
  • The city permit shall be publicly displayed at the sale.
  • Only four ( 4) sales may be conducted in any calendar year and shall be limited to not more than three consecutive days and two consecutive weekends of two days each.

Permits may be applied for at the Utility Billing office located at City Hall, 1065 Ridgewood Ave, Holly Hill FL 32117.  For questions or concerns please feel free to call 386-248-9432